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Low Vision Services PLC

Low Vision Services PLC provides vision rehabilitation services to individuals who are visually impaired. The locations are conveniently located in downtown Bethesda and Old Town Alexandria. Dr. Suleiman Alibhai and Dr. Alexis Malkin are both optometrists who have received training in low vision rehabilitation from the Lions Vision Rehabilitation Research and Rehabilitation Center at Johns Hopkins, Wilmer Eye Institute in Baltimore and provide low vision evaluations at both locations.

While a variety of both optical and electronic visual aids are used during the evaluation to determine the most effective compensatory rehabilitative strategies, the emphasis is on education and counseling about the best way to cope with chronic vision loss.

Individuals with low vision are frequently referred to state rehabilitation programs, low vision occupational therapy and local support groups sponsored by the Prevention of Blindness Society. Information on resources within the Greater Metropolitan Washington, D.C community that might be helpful is also explored with the visually impaired individual during the evaluation.

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4942 St. Elmo Avenue
Bethesda MD 20814

(inside Colonial Opticians at the corner of Old Georgetown Road and St. Elmo Avenue)
Nearest Metro station is Bethesda about 4 blocks away


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105 South Alfred St
Alexandria, VA 22314

(at the corner of King St. and Alfred St., part of the 900 King Street historic building)
Nearest Metro station is King Street about 6 blocks away